By Darrel Wheeler
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Weekend football warriors get a chance to play the game they love while reuniting with old teammates in the F.A.S 6-on-6 flag football league. They will compete in ten regular season games and playoffs if they are talented enough to advance.

Flight Action Sports known as San Diego’s premier flag football league was started by owner Joel Goetzinger.

“I used to be with another league but I didn’t always agree with the way they did some things. They weren’t all bad and they did some good things too, but I learned a lot,” said owner Joel Goetzinger. He added, “I had some ideals of my own that I wanted to implement, and the only way I could do that was to start my own league so I did and so far so good. This is our fifth year and we are considered the best flag league in San Diego.”

Flight Action Sports offers four different levels of competition. Starting with division-IV (Auto pilot) designed for beginners, inexperienced and raw skilled level; followed by divisions III & II (Glider), which includes beginners with some experience (Mach 2) intermediate skilled and competitive. The Supersonic division (I) is reserved for elite and highly skilled competitive players, that’s where team ‘Loud Pak’ can be seen doing their thing.

Former high school heroes Kipper Bell Jr, Anthony Crosland, Aaron Simpson, Eric Forney, and Tyrell Bell worked their collective magic with the rest of their Loud Pak team. Last Sunday at Balboa Stadium they defeated their opponent (Legacy) 30-20 using speed as their primary weapon of choice, and they now sport a 2-2 record in the high-powered big-boy division.

“We have some great talent on our team and a whole lot of speed, but we just have to work on some things. We will be OK,” said Eric Forney.

Most of the players that participate in Flight Actions 6-on-6 league played football under bright lights on Friday nights in front of large, captive audiences and the attention of local media outlets. Now the players easily outnumber any fans in the stands, but that does not seem to bother Flight Action’s weekend warriors that still have that undeniable passion for the game.

‘’It’s still football and I still love to play the game. It’s a lot of fun being out here with people that I grew up with, but you better be in shape. I’m not in shape right now but I will get there,” said Tyrell Bell of Loud Pak said.

Playing on a modified field allows them to play two games simultaneously. Each game is played in two twenty-minute halves with the top four finishers advancing to the playoffs.

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