By. Dr. John Warren

So often when we talk about Black people doing anything for Black people, our comments are considered racist because they don’t include others. The #blacklivesmatter movement is a good example of how concern for ones own survival is considered “racist” by some because it does not express a universal concern for everyone else. The reality is that if Black people are not concerned about themselves first and collectively, then we will continue to  be “marginalized to the point that we will no longer matter.

The issues of budget cuts in our schools, affordable housing and homelessness; jobs and public transportation affect all of us. We must learn again to be involved whether or not we have a personal interest in those issue affect others if not ourselves. Our support of each other must be real, and touchable so that others who don’t look like us understand that we care about each other.

When we speak of  “Black People” we not only mean African Americans, but also people of the African nations among us as well as the Caribbean islands.  if our children and  grandchildren are no longer  in the public schools, then we must support the children that are still in our schools. We must fight for them as if they were our own.

This week’s Town Hall Meeting is an opportunity to continue concern and involvement others as well as ourselves. We also invite your opinions for publication in this paper as well as on the internet.

Although our struggle continues on many fronts, it is not what it can be without your participation.

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