Jennifer Vanica Releases New Book on Market Creek Diamond District Movement


Voice & Viewpoint Contributing Writer

On October 27, 2018 at the Elementary Institute of Science Jennifer Vanica, the lead visionary and former CEO of the Market Creek Plaza Diamond District movement, held a Family/Community Warriors reunion and unleashed her book “COURAGEOUS PHILANTHROPY: Going Public in a closely Held World” which is about the revolutionary project that attempted to change Southeastern
San Diego to the Point of Destination for art, culture, exotic foods, healthy lifestyles and a cultural journey of a very diverse community, the “Diamond District” and how the community came together to pool its resources and create a dream come true. The book is about shifting the power dynamics between foundations and communities and the fundamental right of residents to voice what is their own best interest. The book tells the stories of people throughout the two decade long journey known as the Market Creek Plaza experience, as well as highlight the many lessons as community champions who made it a reality for the world to study, emulate and embrace. This was a true meeting and gathering of the movers and shakers in San Diego. Hopefully the releasing of this book will keep the history alive of the incredible work of the community resource teams and the work of Jennifer Vanica and, most importantly, Joe and Vi Jacobs.



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