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One of the first things I learned about San Diego when I moved here from North Carolina was the year round warm weather. While we technically have a ‘cold season’ and rain comes every once and a while, a seemingly endless summer vibe is one of the amenities the city offers I take advantage of as often as I can.

As summer comes to a close and we approach the cooler days in San Diego, Sun Gahd of Fruit of Africa Arrangements blessed the Southeast community with an opportunity to enjoy some organic fruit pop sickles in the warmth of a Saturday afternoon.

In an effort to introduce the community to her pop sickle line, Sun Gahd hosted the ‘Back to Cool Pop Sickle Party’ at Pillars of the Community San Diego. The event featured performances from local artists and of course some delicious homemade pop sickles courtesy of Fruit of Africa Arrangements.

“Everything I do I will first and foremost bring to my family in Southeast,” said Sun Gahd. “I wanted to introduce them to my business and let them know I’m going to be there for them. We don’t have a good relationships with fruits and vegetables. It’s time to start repairing that relationship now.”

The process to make the pop sickles is time consuming and meticulous. Sum Gahd uses organic fruits and the only sweetener she uses is honey occasionally. Her offering include grape, mango, kiwi, peach, pineapple and many other pairings that feature plenty of fruit chunks within each pop sickle.

“I’m excited and filled with love and joy. Not only do I know I’m making something delicious, but I’m making something super healthy. It isn’t an easy process, so while I’m making it, I’m excited that I hope it’s the best and every bite they will enjoy and appreciate. Not just from a business stance, I want them to be satisfied when it comes to everything Fruit of Africa.”

Sun Gahd began her journey towards Fruit of Africa after preparing arrangements for a baby shower. The feeling she got from making the arrangements and seeing a need within the community birthed the idea in her head to create her own business. Along with pop sickles, she offers fruit arrangements, lollypops and Mason Jar treats.

“We’re going for sustainability and getting food that’s going to last us. I want to show my people we can take the time to give ourselves something that’s better. You can get 40 pop sickles for three dollars but what are you really feeding your family and ourselves? When we get high blood pressure and diabetes, everything we put into our mouths is what we become. I want to give my community the best because my community matters.”

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