Bethel Baptist Church 12 Fruits Ministry Conference & Spring Musical



By Darrel Wheeler
Photos Darrel Wheeler

The first weekend in May there was a three-day event to remember at the Bethel Baptist Church. The purpose of the Deliverance Conference was to celebrate and give thanks to God for his son, Jesus Christ, and his marvelous works. The reason for the 12 Fruits Ministry is to help members become free of life’s hurts, hang-ups and bad habits by working through the eight principles of the beatitudes and applying 12 biblical-based Christ centered steps to begin their journey of overcoming things of the past, and to restore and develop a stronger relationship with God.

“The 12 Fruits ministry of Bethel Baptist Church appreciates the opportunity to provide a safe place for members of this community to come together with prayer,” shared 12 Fruits coordinator Beatrice Washington. “Including praises, testimonies and other requests for deliverance from life’s controlling strong hold and other complicated challenges,” she said.

On Saturday, the members of 12 fruits decided to honor three women of spiritual substance and who are dedicated members of Bethel Baptist Church. Mother Helen Lee, Delois Bellamy, and the First Lady of Bethel, Donna Ringgold, received beautiful-plaques for their many years of unwavering commitment to their Church and community.

“Miss Helen Lee (aka “Mother”) worked for over 60 years as a beloved educator in the San Diego unified School District,” Beatrice shared. “First Lady Donna Ringgold is the ultimate prayer warrior that leads by example. Delois Bellamy is a dedicated worker devoted to Christ and the resident busy body at Bethel,” she said.

On Sunday, the Church was filled with live music of praise and worship. Soloist Carmelita “Toot” Bell, “Door Blessings” Bro. Armond Washington, David & Dale Fleming, and the New Creation and Bethel Baptist choirs rocked God’s House the way they know how, concluding the three day event.

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