Editorial and Commentary

The Economics of Our Community

Pepsi, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Cricket, T, Mobile, some of which a few young African Americans in their store fronts, enjoy our dollars, but yet do not market to our communities through our local newspapers which carry your stories and concerns.

Boards, Commissions and Citizen Participation

Dr. John E. Warren Publisher Now that we have a new Mayor and an opportunity for him to appoint a number of citizens to boards...

The Police, Public Policy, and the Community

The public needs to be reminded that it sets public policy by the actions of the Mayor and City Council who control the policies and practices of all agencies of the city government including the San Diego Police Department.

Preparing for the Coming Elections

Dr. John E. Warren Publisher It seems that no sooner than we finish one election, another is upon us. This is the case since 2014...

Revisiting Black Men United and Our Brother’s Keeper

Dr. John E. Warren Publisher Just a few show years ago, San Diego lead the nation in addressing the problems and issues of the African American...