She is Soul: An Awakening of Sorts

Part of the disconnect between young and old is the focus on the negative instead of the positive with too much attention being paid to how different each generation is. Of course, they’re different. That’s the whole point.

Motown the Musical Really Gets A Hold

By Barbara Smith Contributing Writer As a young man, when Berry Gordy told his family he wanted to become a music mogul, they chided and laughed. After all, he had already run through a flurry of careers as...

San Diego’s Eye on Music: CURT QUINN

"The notion of being your own boss and taking care of your own business is so romantic ... but it’s real work getting the music that you love out..."

The Weave Lounge is Now Open for Business!

By Darrel Wheeler Contributing Writer Family and friends of Kimisha Sharpe got together last Saturday at 9467 Jamacha Blvd in Spring Valley to celebrate the ribbon-cutting and grand opening of her newest ve...