Celebrating Dr. Willie Morrow: 80, 60 and 45


By Staff Writer
Photos by Voice & Viewpoint

The George Stevens Fourth District Senior Center was the location a few weekends ago for a very unique celebration last Saturday as friends, family and well wishers gathered to help Dr. Morrow with his threefold celebration. It was his 80th Birthday Party, his 60th year Retirement Party and the 45th Anniversary of 400 Years Without A Comb, his book and creation.

There was a display of momento’s from his years of inventions and creative service, pictures from historic moments, and an opportunity to purchase his book at $50.00 a copy.

Dr. Morrow boasted, “I made all these inventions and others with these,” referring to his hands. He then, referring to his hands again, quoted Booker T. Washington, who said, “You train these to do something. Make something. Do something creative. Develop something and make a contribution to society.”

Dr. Morrow has an outstanding collection of prints and artifacts that could, and one day should, fill a museum. Mrs. Morrow and family were there with him. There was music, food and fun for an event that was to last into the evening as people continued to come through at different times.

Many great days ahead, Dr. Morrow, for you and family

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