Dante Vulgar Watches Promote Style, Quality and Inspiration


By Edward Henderson

Nine times out of 10, if you ask someone for the time these days, they will reach for their phone. While smart phone technology has taken away from the functionality of watches, the class, style and prestige they carry will never be replaced. This is the attitude of Dante Vulgari, creator of Dante Vulgar brand which specializes in custom watches, bracelets and sun glasses.

“When a woman recognizes a guy, they’ll look at his shoes, his ties, how his hair is kept,” said Vulgari. “Watches are kind of an extension of our personality. We’re known by what we have on our writs most of the time. By having a watch, it shows the importance of having a schedule or that you’re important enough to have to keep up with the time.”

A Los Angeles native, Vulgari came up with the idea for his brand while serving in the Navy. Inspired by his love for watches and the desire to leave a legacy for his newborn son, Vulgari set out to create a brand intended to represent the professional, promoting style and endorsing quality beyond measure.

“Watches are going to be profitable but seen as art. Mostly people have them on for the feeling on their wrist. They include a dynamic of detail that a smart phone doesn’t reach. A lot of times for guys, we don’t know what we look good in something until we give it a try. I want to try and get as much product on the table as possible to try to attract millennials and senior watch collectors.”

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into creating custom watches. Vulgari first draws up his designs on his computer to render a 3D image for manufactures and suppliers. His next challenge is to stand out in a market that is dominated by major brands and tenured companies that often corner the market.

“When you look at watches like Rolex or other big conglomerates, what makes this business different is that I’m one person who said I’m going to do this. Not only do I sell you a watch, I sell you the idea of influence. That you can do this too. You don’t need to support something else when you can invest in yourself.”

Currently Vulgari is working on creating a store front to sell his merchandise within the next year. You can visit dantevulgar.com to check out his collections as well as his bracelets and sun glasses that complement the watches.

“I want to inspire my son to go out and make the things the world isn’t offering you. A lot of people sit around and have a great idea but don’t move forward or feel like it will be profitable. The advice I like to give is that if you don’t do it, somebody else will do it better. Take advantage of the knowledge towards your own brilliance. Take that first step. If you create a legacy, then be proud of that.”



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