Nassir Alphonso Conley-Martin


Graveside Service was held on Wednesday, December 23, 2020 at Mt. Hope Cemetery. Final arrangements were entrusted to Anderson-Ragsdale Mortuary.

NASSIR ALPHONSO CONLEY-MARTIN was born November 10, 2019 to NyOaka Conley and Treyvon Martin. This bundle of joy was born at 23 weeks, 5 days, weighing just 1.6 pounds came out fighting and was given the name “Bubba” by the NICU staff at Kaiser Hospital. Nassir spent the first 4 months in NICU fighting for his life and surpassing many hurdles.

His primary care nurse, Kim referred to Nassir as her “Lil Nugget”. Through his trials and tribulations with IVs, oxygen machines and treatments, feeding tubes, eye exams, hearing exams and heart exams etc., Bubba made it through each trial and tribulation. On Friday, February 28, 2020 Bubba was able to come home.

Bubba had beautiful big eyes. He was so cute and adorable. His love filled the house with joy and happiness. He loved being kissed on his neck and the rubbing of his face by his mommy. MyNami was very protective of her little brother.

Nassir was very nosey and curious of his surroundings. He loved tummy time with his big sister MyNami, she made it fun for him. He loved to try and keep up with his sister, scooting around the floor showing off those fine motor skills. He loved to look over his head on his back. He loved to be in control of himself. He had the mindset of a 1-year-old for sure. He would get mad because he wanted to do a certain thing but just could not because of his size. Nassir loved his walker. Such a beautiful soul. Bubba the feisty Scorpio!

We thank GOD for giving us a year with Nassir “Bubba, allowing us to have these wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. He was preceded in death by his great uncle Anthony Weaver.

Nassir leaves to cherish his memory: parents, NyOaka Monique Conley and Treyvon Alphonso Martin; sister, MyNami M. Conley-Martin, brother, Josiah J. Taylor; maternal great-grandmother, Annie L. Weaver; Paternal great grandparents: Izetta I. Stroud and Richard D. Stroud; maternal grandparents: Monique Weaver-Conley and George L. Conley Jr.; paternal grandparents: Tracy R. Kennedy and Keith Warren Ivy, Sr.; uncles: George L. Conley III, Keith Warren Ivy, Jr.; and Leon M. LaFlore; aunts: Aunjanette L. Conley, Gionna O. Conley, Tonia L.Toomer, Yvonne I. Jones; Great Aunty Neisha N. Weaver; who Bubba often thought was his Nana. A host of first and second cousins, family members love ones and friends.

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