San Diego Election Results


Monica Montgomery 4th District City Council of San Diego

By Dr. John E. Warren

What most people knew after the June Primary became a reality once again on November 6th when Monica Montgomery became the next City council member for the San Diego City Council’s Fourth District. She had already beat City Council President Myrtle Cole in a four way race in the juned 2018 primary. While the count continues, Montgomery’s lead continues to increase.

There will also be two additional new members to the San Diego City Council as Jen Campbell replaces Lorie Zapf from District 2 covering the Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach areas and Vivian Moreno replaces her termed out boss, David Alvarez from District 8, seeking election to the San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees. These three new City Council members are democrats creating a democratic majority of 6 to 3 on a non-partisan City Council with a republican mayor.

The democrats also had another gain as Nathan Fletcher appears to have beat out former District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis for the Fourth District County Board of Supervisors seat now being vacated by Ron Roberts who also termed out. Fletcher becomes the only democrat on the five member Board and his District overlap the San Diego City Council Fourth District, which should or could mean an improvement in the level of services from the County to the Fourth District. The new numbers for the San Diego City Council, with its majority democrats, means that the Council will now be veto proof against the mayor.

In other races of interest, Ed Spriggs appears to have retained his seat on the Imperial Beach City Council; Duncan Hunter has won re-election in the 50th Congressional District in spite of his criminal indictments; Nicole Jones is in the number two spot for the Southwestern Community College District seat and Matt Brower has beat out Gary Creep for San Diego County Superior Court judge to the excitement of many. While the vote count continues, it looks like these results will hold.




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