San Diego Product Makes Hollywood Film Debut


By Edward Henderson

Children who have poise beyond their years are always fascinating to watch. It’s almost as if they come to this planet pre-packaged with their purpose and hit the ground running from day one. Kaycie Bowens is one of those children. The nine year old actress is starring in her first short film which premieres at Mann’s Chinese Theater in June.

Kaycie’s acting career began when her mother Alisha Bush took her along with her other two daughters to an audition when she was five. Initially the trip was to make sure everything was equal among her children but the talent agent saw something special in Kaycie.

“The feedback we kept getting was always about how mature and poised she is and how she always handles herself on set like a professional,” Bush said. “She’s always had a mature since of humor and wit.”

Since wowing talent agents on her initial audition, Kaycie has shot commercials with Visa, Chelsea Handler, Got Milk, Chex Cereal, and Disney. These opportunities were a dream come true for the young actress.

“I was interested in acting from looking on TV and seeing people on Disney shows,” Kaycie said. “I wanted to see myself there and on the big screen.”

Kaycie got her opportunity to see herself on the big screen when she was casted in ‘Jada’. The film tells a story about a young homeless girl living alone on Venice beach. She ended up there after fleeing from her foster care placement when things became abusive. Her social worker is trying to bring her back into custody but Jada doesn’t want to return.

Her breakout role almost didn’t happen, however. When she was contacted to audition for the role, Kaycie noticed there was content with cigarettes which she is very much against.

“My grandma used to smoke, and I was sad about that,” Kaycie said. “I didn’t want to do it.”

The film’s director was still very adamant about seeing her and urged the young actress to re-consider. He even made adjustments to keep her comfortable with the scene. Kaycie’s Mom and sister are also in the film with her. Brown really appreciated the relationship the film’s director facilitated during the process.

“We met in person 3 times before filming just to have lunch, coffee, have conversations,” Brown said. “He would always tell Kaycie ‘I just want you to show up, be yourself and make it happen as we go.’ She has a really close bond with him.”

Looking ahead, Kaycie wants to continue shooting commercials, securing television spots and act on the big screen with dreams of walking the red carpet. Brown does her part to keep her daughter grounded and living a normal lifestyle, however. Outside of acting, Kaycie runs track and is active in gymnastics.

“Our mindset is we don’t feel famous or rich,” Bush said. “Acting is just something she does. She shows up for an audition and when we go home, we’re everyday people. She goes to school, has conflict with her sisters just like every other 9 year old. I think if my mindset about her doesn’t change, then hers won’t either.”

In preparation for her career as a big time actress I asked Kaycie to sell our readers on why they should go see her debut in ‘Jada’. Her response hints at why the young actress has so much promise.

“It has me in it, I’m little and I’m cute.”