Xavier Greer


Services were held on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 at Anderson-Ragsdale Mortuary; interment at Mt. Hope Cemetery. Final arrangements were entrusted to Anderson-Ragsdale Mortuary.

I was born June 11, 1992 to Subrina Phillips and Dwight Greer. Although. I was the first born to my mother, I was not alone. I had an older brother and sister who waited excitedly for me. At an early age, I was outgoing and adventurous; I liked trying new things and exploring. At the age of 5, I was blessed to become an older brother. I graduated from Juan Seguin High school and began to live my life the way I wanted.

I was trained at doing many different jobs, but ended up working in the oil fields. I was blessed to be the father to Kali  “Bright Light”, Xavier Jr “Boogie Jr”, and King  “The Handsome Guy”. I owe all this to the love of my life Kayla Mack. I always wished to be a hands-on father and if you’re reading this that means I’m no longer there to carry out that wish. I made a promise to a brother of mine, Bigg Homie, that we would make sure the kids stayed in sports, got an education, and we stay active in their lives. I hope others can take that baton and pick up where I left off.

Everyone knows that I was a domino fanatic and if you wanted to throw down, I was just a call away. However, if you didn’t have a game you knew what was coming. “Work on it!!!”

Being around family brought me great joy and I wouldn’t trade that time in for the world. I grew up to become a strong, young man that faced many trials and tribulations, but came out on top of most of them. I liked doing things my way and at my pace. I liked to think that I could brighten any room I walked into with my smile and humor. Whenever you think of me just say “roll up” and know that I’m smiling and looking over you.

I leave behind my mother, Subrina; my father, Dwight; brothers: Kalel, Dwight Jr., and Kumar; sisters, Denisha and Khadjah; love of my life, Kayla; children: Kali, Xavier Jr., and King; grandparents, Bobby and Darlene; auntie Stephannie, uncle Carl; Tia Carrie, and a host of other aunts, uncles, and cousins.


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