Young Black and ‘N Business to Host Networking Mixer Saturday


By Edward Henderson

Networking is an art form mounted on a canvas of social awkwardness, painted with courage and possibility. Many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle with mastering networking due to their crippling fear of putting themselves out there in order to find like-minded individuals who can help bring their dreams to fruition. This is why Roosevelt Williams III created ‘Young, Black and N’ Business’, an organization dedicated to fostering safe spaces for entrepreneurs of color to connect and thrive.

On Saturday, March 25th from 10-2pm at the Neighborhood House Association on 795 S Boundary Street, Young, Black and N’ Business will host their first networking mixer. The organization gives each business in attendance an opportunity to share their brand’s dream and vision to find out how they can work together to achieve their goals.

For added perks and entertainment, The Urban Barber College will be in attendance giving out free edge up haircuts, H.A.G.O. Full Service Shoe Shine & Repair will be giving inspection ready shoe shines to the first 20 attendees and a DJ will fill the room with sonic encouragement for attendees to feel comfortable and put their best foot forward.

“At this mixer we want to spread the gospel that it’s ok to be young, black and in business,” said Roosevelt. “It’s ok to be a professional and make business the new cool. Networking and seeing other like-minded individuals of color to have something to offer is very resourceful.”

Young Black and N’ Business is also looking to reach 100 members by the end of the year. Members receive a marketing plan template, business cards, session with a video producer to get a free commercial with their business, and access to their professional network which includes musicians, promoters, web designers, information technology and fitness professionals.

“My goal is to have San Diego united with politics, business, and have everybody under the same umbrella so we can have a voice. If we’re all scattered, dissected and divided, our voice won’t be potent.”

Search Young Black & ‘N Business MIXER on Facebook for more information on the event.

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