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On March 29th, over 600 people gathered at the Bayview Baptist Church to experience “A Life of Worship,” an evening of worship and dance hosted by Mrs. Lanee’ Battle Johnson. The event drew out the talents of local poets, dancers and those that minister in song. Hosted by four time Emmy Award Winner, Dr. Eric Chambers, people were in attendance to engage in praise and worship. Lanee’ is an admirable vocalist and lyricist that is cognizant that nothing can come into fruition without the aid of the Holy Spirit. Hailing from Hunstville, Alabama, Johnson relocated to San Diego in the 80s where she was able share her gift of song and talent in several local bands, which contributed greatly to her success.


When speaking on her inspiration for the recent concert, she shared “Every time a new year is upon you, you want to make sure you have some goals that you want to attain.” Johnson hadn’t recorded any music since her recent marriage last year, saying “I haven’t done anything.” She hasn’t recorded in about three years, nor has she focused on a project in a year and some months. “I had to get back in the groove of things,” she said. After completing her single she wanted to ensure that she kept her name out there and she also wanted to give back by helping other artists. “I want to help people and get local artists involved.” With that said Johnson prayed about it, and asked for God’s guidance. Her planning started in December, and miraculously it was all pulled together.


“We’ve gotten such great feedback,” she shared. People were astonished by the diversity and talent that was showcased that evening. Reflective of Johnson’s heart, though she spearheaded the show, she shared the spotlight with some many that wouldn’t have normally been seen by a larger audience. “Because I work in diversity and inclusion, I wanted to include everyone.” That evening a group of energetic young men from the Filipino community performed a piece choreographed by Isidro Rafael Pagdanganan, and were well received by all who witnessed them. “I wanted to bring people who would not normally come to church,” and inviting various types of artists caused their whole families to be there. “ It was a rainbow coalition!” she jested. Other artists featured were songstresses Tinika Wyatt, who performed an amazing tribute in memory of Dr. Timothy Winters, and Delisha Doakes, as well as spoken word artists Ocean and Abigail Gonzalez who is from Philadelphia.

As a way to express her gratitude, Johnson gave all attendees a copy of her new single, and hopes to produce a compilation CD showcasing the amazing local talent in San Diego.

RETRACTION: Original publication of the paper showed Brandon Johnson as the photographer of the event.  The actual photography was done by She-Marie Photography.

Photos by She-Marie Photography:

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