A Look at Black Politics, East and West


By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

Its is clear that the African American voters, and black women in particular, are responsible for the election of our New President and Vice President. We have seen the solidarity of African Americans as they stood in line for hours to vote; we saw the Black voter turnout in Philadelphia deliver the 20 Pennsylvania electoral votes. Detroit delivered the Michigan vote where the majority of those voters were Black; we see that the Black vote in Georgia is now poised to give us the two U.S. Senators needed to take power from McConnell and have a Senate that will support Biden and Harris. Vice President Harris becomes the President of the U.S. Senate with a vote to break any ties that occur.

What is the one thing that made all this possible? Black people who are still committed to working together for the good of all of us. From South Florida’s heavy voting Black counties to Wisconsin, we have seen that our votes do count and have made a difference.

The question is when will Blacks here in the West decide that the good of the many outweigh the petty desires of the few. When will those who want to lead come to understand that leadership is inclusive, not singular

While we applaud those who are working for the benefit of the many, as evidenced by the army of young volunteers serving the food distribution efforts, it appears that there are still those among us still not willing to work with some others. There are still some who refuse to share information with others when the need is so obvious. This must end. Now is the time to put aside differences, feed the hungry, help the needy and once again start thinking in terms of “we the collective’ in terms of how we help one another.

This message is not for everyone, but hopefully those who need it will recognize who they are and use the opportunity to make positive change for the good of everyone.

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