A Love for Ice Cream Becomes a Dream Come True


By Brian Goodin, Contributing Writer
Photos by Brian Goodin

AJ Williams is a former Vice President in the world of Information Technology of corporate America where he spent 25 years who, to a certain degree, would agree that he has gone sweet, meaning he sells one of the best tasting ice cream in San Diego. Williams has an (MBA) Masters of Business Administration from San Diego State University in Business Information Systems. He is the proud owner with good reason of Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream commitment to serve his community which has two locations in San Diego at 3740 Sports Arena Blvd # 6 and 3077 University Ave.

Mr. Williams has managed to survive in business through COVID-19 largely because of his ability to cut corners by trimming finances. Prior to the pandemic Hammond’s Ice Cream was served on Jet Blue but now relies much on new ways to sell his product like GrubHub , DoorDash & the likes. Williams said, “The good will of the community has kept the business afloat.”

Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream has been around since 2014 but was recently acquired by Williams in 2019. The uniqueness of Hammond’s ice cream is that it comes to us directly from Hawaii by means of a deep freeze process that preserves the flavor during its transport by boat to the mainland. There are over 300 flavors of this super premium ice cream which is creamy, rich in texture, and handmade with 18% butterfat, making your taste buds smile with satisfaction. The flavors range from Apple Caramel Pie to White Pineapple Sorbet and just about everything in between; so many your taste buds might explode from excitement.

Hammond’s ice cream business certainly brings joy and happiness to those who partake in the many delicious flavors. We could all agree that it would be difficult to think of a time when eating ice cream did not make us feel better. That is exactly how Williams reflected on his childhood days in New Orleans while making homemade ice cream with his mother. His mother happens to still love ice cream, even in the wisdom of her eighties.

The Voice & Viewpoint is extremely happy to encourage and support black owned businesses in our city. We tip our hat to AJ Williams and others like him.