African Americans Should Take A Position on the Issue of Refugees


By Dr. John E. Warren – Publisher

While the exodus from the Middle East to European countries has now reach​​ed biblical proportions and the very nature of humanity itself demands that these people be helped, one must remember that when a life boat is overloaded, all aboard drown. This probabl​e​ is further complicated by the fact that many American citizens have relatives that are caught up in this human crisis and it is human nature to want to save ones family and loved ones from death and disaster. This is the same probable we have already here in American with our own boarders where the relatives of people of have relocated here, whether legal or illegally,​want the same better life for those here (illegally) and other members of families still attempting to get here.

But in the midst of our humanity, let us not forget the debt we have to those who are here by birth, whose ancestors were brought here by force and in slavery and who although given legal freedom through a variety of Constitutional Amendments and laws, still do not enjoy the same degree of citizenship extended to refugees brought to this country. Refugees can get assistance, just by virtue of their arrival, with housing, healthcare, credit,  home and business purchases and a variety of relocation assistance programs. African Americans, like many others born here as taxpayers with natural citizenship, do not get the same level of treatment or attention from our own governmental agencies.

Members of Congress, elected by us to represent us, are more visible fighting for the “would be” rights of immigrants and refugees because of the financial lobbying being done by the relatives of those with money who are already here. Who represents those of us who vote and pay taxes on this issue. When do we stop being afraid of what the world might think or say and become concerned with what our own people are thinking and saying about our quality of life and rights as citizens of this great land.

While our hearts go out to those who are suffering as a result of their plight from their homeland, let us not forget that they have a choice. They can stay and fight for their country as so many others have done before them. Their “choice” to flee should  not impose an obligation on the countries to which they chose to flee. The American people in general are saying “no” to more refugees or immigrants and African Americans in particular should be paying very close attention to this issue as we continue to fight for jobs, housing, healthcare and all the benefits those who have come before this present exodus​,​ so that we too have access to the American dream on the same level as those seeking to come here.