Author Emmanuel Acho Honors Victims of Police Brutality at the Emmys


Emmanuel Acho, author, points out George Floyd's name on his suit.

By Cori Zaragoza, Contributing Writer

New York Times best-selling author & host of ‘Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man’ Emmanuel Acho made a statement at the 2021 Emmys; one that is both fashionable and profound in it’s story. Acho wore a custom black suit with what looks like white pin stripes — but upon a closer look, the stripes are actually names. Names like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor could be found, as well as countless others, all with one common factor: they were all victims of police brutality in America. “I encourage you to look up the stories of the names you don’t know,” Acho said in an online post.

In addition to the suit’s tribute, Acho also wore a red pocket square and red socks to signify the blood shed by these victims. Acho wanted to highlight the importance of remembering the lives lost to unnecessary police violence. In a post online, Acho said he was inspired and wanted to do something at the Emmys that would really have an impact on the world. “I started ‘Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man’ to encourage dialogue and try to save future lives. So it was imperative to honor the ones we lost,” he said.

Emmanuel Acho, New York Times best-selling author & host of ‘Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man’

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