Baby Geniuses on the Go at the 2nd Annual Trike-a-Thon


Courtesy of Baby Geniuses Daycare

On Saturday, February 8, 2014, the warm sun greeted eager young riders on tricycles, bikes, and scooters at Skyline Recreation Center for the 2nd Annual Geniuses on the Go! Trike-a-thon & Resource Fair. Children, families, community members, local businesses and organizations gathered in the spirit of UNITY, CHARITY and COMPASSION. The fundraiser event raised money to help the daycare facility buy necessary program supplies. Each year, during the fundraiser drive, Baby Geniuses Daycare selects a “community gem’ to share their proceeds. Baby Geniuses Daycare owner, Malaika Washington explained the importance of getting the children involved, “ We want the children to know that they are treasured gifts to the community and that little people can make a big difference by giving back.” This year, the daycare selected the Compassion Project. They are a volunteer operated organization that offers support services to families devastated by the loss of a loved one.

After the children had a Warm Up session with Lemar Slater from ABC Youth Foundation, the revved up motorcycles signaled it was time for the event to begin. The ladies of Jus Pound’N Lady Riderz Motorcycle club discussed with the children the importance of wearing a helmet and other bike safety tips. After the children finished riding, author and illustrator of “Sol the Super Hairo”, Ishe’ Hollins read her rhythmic children’s tale and encouraged the children to embrace their uniqueness and beauty.

The event was made possible by the love and support of many within the community. Baby Geniuses Daycare would like to thank, Brother Charles 3X/ O.U.R.S Community Consultant, Jimmy Slack of the Council 4th District Office, Minister Hugh Muhammad of RBW Security, Ray King, president of the San Diego Urban League, Alberstons, Food 4 Less, Hometown Buffet, Dr. Lisa Williams, CEO of Positively Perfect Dolls, Mario Lewis/Imperial Barber Shop, Latricia and the staff of the Skyline Recreation Center, and Papa John’s Pizza. A special thank you is also extended to Nurse Betty for her medical expertise, as well as the participating vendors; Birthline of San Diego, Project Ujima, McDonalds’s Daycare, Jeanette Turner of Mary Kay, Edith and Lionel Smith, and Ishe Hollins’. Malaika Washington, daycare founder shared “I’d like to thank the volunteers that made the special day possible,” including DJ Dean who provided the music and the enrolled families of Baby Geniuses Daycare. For information about Baby Geniuses Daycare please visit: or call 619-808-5041.

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