Back to School Rally and Summer Showcase


Photos and article by Darrel Wheeler

Sunday, August 25th the Greater Life Baptist Church members used the friendly confines of Maranatha Seven Day Adventist Church to celebrate the completion of their first annual youth summer camp and showcase.

Visitors and the GLBC ministry were treated to live music, comments from some of the campers about their summer camp experience and also the teachings of Reverend Pastor Nate Stewart. Pastor Stewart’s very powerful and inspiring sermon encouraged the youngsters to be great as they prepare for the challenges of the new school year.

Gospel recording artist, James Ray, a member of the Greater Life ministry performed his new single “God’s Love is Understanding” for the excited listeners.

“I’m letting God move me through music, using music to spread the Lord’s message, one song at a time,’’ Jamie shared. “But this is not about me, this was about the kids. Hopefully, they learned something valuable today. Pastor Stewart’s message was very powerful and direct. He can speak their language. He is a deep and caring person and is definitely an asset to our community.”

Every kid from elementary to high school was given a free back-pack to help re-start their 2019-20 learning process, compliments of Greater Life Baptist Church.

Deacon-in-training, Darrel “Ili Butch” Hali said, “We look out for the kids. That’s how we do here at Greater Life Baptist.”

Now it’s back to school after 10 weeks of Summer camp.

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