Bridget’s Essence of Beauty Celebrates 30 Years!


By TJ Dunnivant
Contributing Writer

The opening invocation last Saturday was the perfect and timely start to a night of historical remembrance for one of San Diego’s most well-known cosmetologist. Bridget Winton has been the owner of Bridget’s Essence of Beauty since 1984 and in honor of her 30th anniversary loved ones congregated to celebrate her tremendous imprint on our society.

Bridget was deeply moved by the sentiment Pastor Warren gave before his invocation. “Bridget was much more than your average hair-stylist,” he shared. With a slide show flashing pictures behind her, Bridget gave mention to the importance of just about every person in the room with heartfelt appreciation. “I want to introduce two people


that have known me the longest in this room,” Bridget said. “I know everyone is wondering who that could be.” Bridget was referencing to the fact that the majority of the people in the room had known her since the beginning of her doors opening. However, Bridget was happy to introduce her college roommate and her husband, Lisa and Bryan. Lisa tearfully explained how her first few weeks at Arizona State University were full of home-sick phone calls home until the day she met Bridget. The two have maintained a close friendship to this day and now have the opportunity to do business together.

Lisa wasn’t the only VIP in the room as Bridget continued to introduce her parents, first-time clients, pageant queens she supported and relatives and friends that supported her throughout the years. As she introduced them, they all had wonderful accounts of what an important role Bridget played in their lives. At one point there were so many different roles Bridget played, it seemed as if there were a bunch of cloned Bridget’s running around conducting business and building people in the community all at the same time.

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In the beautifully designed program for the celebration, there were two articles from the Voice and Viewpoint. Between the articles, pictures and introductory biography the “essence” of Bridget’s vivacious magnitude was fully captured.

Bridget started out majoring in performing arts at Arizona State University. Bridget moved to San Diego in 1983 to become an actress while at the same time working behind the scenes. Her first job was at a salon called Soul Scissors in Mission Valley. In 1987 she opened her first shop. Bridget went on to becoming a full service salon and she also made her way into Hollywood as a stylist for the film and television industry and a professional model. Her individual talents lead her to opening other business’ called Bridget’s Eccentrics Cosmetics, E.O.B. Model & Talent Management and B.E.O.B. Advance Training Instruction. All of which, touched many lives in the San Diego community.

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Some of Bridget’s featured slides included scenes from her Hollywood experiences. One infamous portrait of Harry Belafonte wearing one of Bridget’s hair pieces had to be explained. Toward the end of the evening, Bridget gave out gift bags to all of her guests that included healthy snacks from new wellness program she would be adding to her long-list of repertoire.
With Bridget’s newly received certification in Neuroceutical and Cosmeceutical practices, she will have the opportunity to care for clientele from the inside out. The certification will also allow Bridget to go into other medical practices such as chiropractic offices and offer them the knowledge to help people obtain a more holistic and healthy lifestyle. “I’ve always known great-looking skin doesn’t just start on the outside,” Bridgette proclaimed. “It starts with what we are putting into our bodies. Now I have the tools to give that care to others.” For more information on Bridget’s new healthy lifestyle regime, contact her at (858) 573- 0875.

Photos by TJ Dunnivant: