California Highway Patrol Officer Must Go: Now


By D.Ann Roberson, M.C.D.C.C.
Letter to the Editor

The headline reads: California Highway Patrol Officer Accused of Police Brutality.
AP: Los Angeles Freeway.

Dear Editor:

Not only did the headline go viral thanks to a passenger who stopped and video taped the incident of a local highway patrol officer, bouncing down on and beating an African American woman in “live and living color.” This happened as other drivers appeared to be just driving along, as if, the highway patrol officer was just attending to his daily duties; they didn’t even stop, or shout out at the officer, at least to – get the —- off of her, a woman.

I would think any normal adult human being, especially a male driver, would at least make that shout out.
Wow, I guess passengers are used to the above behavior; maybe all of America is used to that type of behavior – local law enforcement beating folks, especially when they do not look like them. And in this case, a female taking a ‘beat down’ by a male – who uses his fists, repeatedly, while bouncing a woman who is down on the ground, and he is on top of her. What type of “devil man” does that to a female – a woman? The answer is obvious, a California Highway Patrol Officer.

Here it comes into reality again. Doesn’t this latest police officer beating resemble a strong comparison to the late Rodney King, beating? Although, maybe not as severe. Thank God, and not as many officers participating in the beating of a defenseless woman, that just happens to be African American. I wonder if this same coward of an officer was in Hollywood, California, and this were a blond-haired, white female, would we all be seeing a beat down like this, by this officer? It makes me wonder, does this officer beat his wife like this, occasionally in the privacy of his home?

I don’t know this officer, never seen him, and do not want to see him. I just want him fired. Forget about his administrative duty – desk job, until further investigation. He needs to go – fired today, without pay, without that hefty pension plan and any other perks. Please take his gun and badge away. Better yet, forget about a chief, of Assistant Chief Quinn, have the FBI come escort him out – now.

According to the Assistant Chief, Chris Quinn, “A thorough investigation will take place.” Why protocol in this incident which was captured, as I mentioned, in live and in living color. What more do we need. We all see and have seen the constant punches by Officer Boxer. He has no right, what so ever, to remain a law enforcement officer for another minute. He was caught, plain and simple. I am willing to bet, if it was some crazed, male beating the —- out of his mother, grandmother, aunt, wife, daughter or neighbor, he would be outraged and call for the male who decided that he had every right, regardless of whatever was said or not said by the female prior to the “beat down”; he would demand, that the male be punished – jailed right away, without any type of compensation including administrative duty. He would use his badge and “his boys” to make certain that the male who laid one blow toward his relatives or neighbors, would get a “live and living in color” almost if not, beat down – death.

The entire incident causes me to reflect back to our nation’s great, and sad history: 50 years of the Freedom Rides – Civil Rights summers. I think back to all those folks, young, old, black, white, poor, rich and not so rich, who were beaten just like the woman was, by this crazed, out of his mind, California Highway Patrol Officer. I can never answer the why, other than to feel and think that the why, is the truth of “HATE”. Many people really do hate us. Just because of the color of our skin. Wow, I can understand to a small extent, why many of the youth in today’s generation, do not want to take Black History courses in college. It is too painful. Although, I share with them, knowing your history will make you stronger, during good or bad times, and you can find your strength. Yes unfortunately, although we fall down, we can and do, get back up. Our history will have a profound statement of courage and respect. The positive and the truth may not come when you need it to but, eventually it comes. I can see the pain in so many of our young folk eyes – the sadness, because they do not choose to know their rich, deep, and beautiful history, due to not wanting to experience those sad emotions and anger. It is unfortunate that we are still experiencing some of the same pain today in spite of gain, in this country.

Who would think a law enforcement – highway patrol officer would just boldly do his undercover thing in broad daylight?

It has been reported via the (AP) Los Angeles, that the family members of the female victim, want the focus of this incident to be on what he – the officer – was doing to her, not what she was doing prior to the confrontation. And I strongly believe that that is 100 percent of where the focus should be; in addition to having officer boxer fired. The victim’s attorney stated: “She was getting beat like an animal. No one should have even have to be beat like that.” Remember how the hateful folks beat colored folks, Negros, and others some fifty years ago? Back then the local law enforcement were bold. They even used dogs and sadly, killed many people, all because people wanted justice, equality, freedom and respect.

Quinn, the Assistant Chief, had the nerve to say, “We are known as a agency that really policies itself.” Well bro, you have really been found out now. Your “code blue” although beige uniform – maybe I should say Code Beige mentality – has been shared with the world now. Crooked cops in beige-blue.