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San Diego Charger Larry English and friends gave out some free football and life lessons last Saturday at Mt. Miguel High School. From 9 am until 4 pm current, and former NFL players were on hand to teach football fundamentals and drills with some life skills.

“Larry is big on getting these kids to focus on reading and education; in general his camp is unique in that way. He uses football to stress classroom excellence,” said camp coach Rolando Rivera.

The camp is designed to help high school age football players step up their football game, and also assist them through his student athlete mentorship program to reach their academic goals.

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NFL players Dwight Freeney, Kendell Reyes, Tourek Williams Jonathan, Vincent Brown, Brandyn Harvey, Melvin Ingram, Kwame Geathers and Damik Scafe were some of the players with NFL credentials that showed up to help the campers.

“We are here for the kids. This is a free camp and if they are willing to learn we are here all day willing to help them on their on and off the field skills,” said Larry English.

The camp saw a decrease in numbers from last year due to San Diego State’s popular High School football passing league tournament, as the passing league competition schedule was almost identical to camp English.

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‘’We were not aware of the passing league’s schedule until after we set our date. Our numbers are OK but I’m sure they would be higher if not for the passing league tournament, so we will try and avoid clashing with them next year,” said English.

“I had a great time, it was fun learning from NFL players Dwight Freeney and Kendell Reyes. I learned a lot from them and they are good coaches and good people. I would definitely come back next year,” said Mt. Miguel Sophomore Duran Miller.

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