Community Forum A Success



Story and Photos by Voice & Viewpoint Staff Writer

The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint and Black Men and Women United held a Community Forum with a number of surprise attendees. One such person was Mr. Orin Brown, noted golf instructor to the youth of our community and a person from whom a long line of golfers come, along with a rich history of African American contributions to the game.

The meeting provided an open air opportunity to discuss a number of topics from education, school audits, reactions to the Citizens Review Board and the lack of community presence and participation, to the treatment of parents by San Diego Unified School District employees and the new Task Force being created within the District Attorney’s Office to handle such complaints.

The Forum was designed as a listening post and a place to bring up topics and ideas that are not necessarily on anyone’s agenda. These Forums are different from Town Hall Meetings that bring our specific people for specific agenda discussions with a view toward recommendations for change. The next meeting will be during the third week of April with location and time to be announced.

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