Corwin and Michelle Celebrate 5 Years of Wedded Bliss


By Staff Writer
Voice & Viewpoint

Five years ago, Michelle and Corwin jumped the broom on May 9, 2009. They celebrated their five year anniversary on Saturday, May 10, 2014 at their home with family and friends. The wedding party, who all grew up together, was in attendance for the celebration as well. The groomsmen were all present, including Dupree Anderson, Paul Anderson, Travis Chapman and Tyrone Carter, the best man. As well were the bridesmaids in attendance, including Marsha Ryder, Valarie Littlejohn, Deanna Barrett, Sherrice Ivory and Stephanie Bryant, the matron of honor. D. Wheeler was the photographer for the occassion. God bless they are still together. The night was full of memories, laughter and the food was off the chain with everything from crawfish, muscles, meatballs to chicken wings and menudo and beans.

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Since the Harris’s have been married, they have been dedicated to uplifting District 4 and supporting African American communities through being parent mentors for Project Ujima. Project Ujima is an African American-based parenting class offered through SDUSD. They meet 7 – 8 months out of the school year and the Harris’s have been with the program since it started in 2009 with no plans of leaving.
Corwin and Michelle have over 8000 hours of volunteer work with awards from the City of San Diego, State of California, the Senate, Congress, Project Ujima Effective Black Parenting, Kids for Peace, and the President Volunteer Service Award in 2012 from President Obama.

Corwin and Michelle’s latest project includes writing, acting and producing a play with Project Ujima called, “Legacies of Pride” the Montford Point Marines of San Diego. The Montford Point Marnes were the first African Americans to enlist in 1942. The Harris’s desire for the youth to be aware of what these young African Americans had to deal with just to serve their country. The play’s debut will be through Juneteenth week at the Community Actors Theatre.

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Corwin and Michelle’s biggest accomplishment is opening and operating their own family daycare. Baby on Daycare “Where learning never ends” has been state licensed since 2013. They accept children from 3 months to 12 years of age, and they have extended hours and weekends available. Please call them at (619) 794 – 2736.
“As we continue to fight for our children to learn our story and to know that we are a people with a great story, and if we know our story, we won’t have Black on Black violence. Our sons need to quit sagging in skinny jeans, our sons and daughters need to listen to their parents and guardians. Parents remember to be parents, not friends to your children. Always be a part of your children’s education (any way is better than no way). Please come to Project Ujima it is worth it, especially to strengthen our Black communities.”

“Thank you family for coming out, God bless and goodnite…”

Photography by Darrel Wheeler