By Voice and Viewpoint Staff Writer
Photos courtesy of Mike Norris, Image Seed Photography

The rear parking lot of the Tubman-Chavez Center was the location of the Press Conference at which the opening of the CoVid 19 Southeastern Test site was announced. Rev. Shane Harris was the lead speaker and a voice calling for the site. Dr. Suzanne Affalo, M.D., who has been a strong presence of support in the effort with Dr. Rodney Hood, expressed her support as Ms. Barbara Jimenez, Area Director for County Health and Human Services.

City Councilmember Monica Montogmery, who represents the Fourth District in which the Center is located and chairs the Committee on Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods, spoke of the impact of the pandemic on health and safety. She spoke of how the pandemic has widened the inequality gap in our community with a disparate impact on our most vulnerable and underserved. Now the challenge is to make use of the facilities.

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