County to Spray Skyline Neighborhood for Mosquitoes in Travel-related Zika Case


The County plans to hand-spray to kill invasive Aedes mosquitoes in the Skyline area of the City of San Diego after mosquitoes were found living near a resident who contracted Zika virus while traveling outside the country.

Testing confirmed that the person had the Zika virus, which was not acquired in the U.S. The person had recently visited a country where tropical, mosquito-borne illnesses including the Zika virus are active and developed symptoms after returning home.

Vector Control inspectors found invasive Aedes mosquitoes near the person’s home. Invasive Aedes mosquitoes can transmit Zika virus to other persons if they first bite a person with the virus. To date, no invasive Aedes mosquitoes have been found carrying any illnesses in San Diego County or the state.

Vector Control plans to spray in the Skyline community Wednesday to kill mosquitoes that may carry and spread the virus.

The spray-area’s approximate borders are Noeline Place on the north side, Parkbrook Way on the east, Parkbrook Street on the south, and Parkbrook Place on the west.

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