Destiny’s Child: Bishop’s Highschool Star Guard Leads Nation in Scoring


By Keith D. King

Destiny Littleton is one of the nation’s best basketball players. In fact, she is leading the Nation in scoring at 51.8 points per game while helping to lead Bishop’s High to a 15-1 record. I recently spoke with her about the early success individually, and as a team.

“We weren’t happy with how our season ended last year, so we were focused to come back even stronger. Personally, I knew I was going to have a great season because of the work I put in in the off-season. I mean of course I didn’t expect 50 points per game, but I knew my hard work would pay off.”

To go along with her 51.8 points per game, Littleton is also holding her own on the glass, averaging 11.4 rebounds per game. In her junior season, she averaged 35.7 points and 9.8 rebounds per game. Her play caught the attention of many major universities. The five-star recruit eventually committed to play at the University of Southern California next fall.

“Deciding where I would attend college was somewhat of a tough decision, especially when I had to call all of the coaches to let them know that I wouldn’t be attending their school, but I had a lot of support from my family and friends. I’m excited that I get to play in the Pac-12 Conference against some of the best players that’s out there.”

Being a student of the game, a player that Littleton likes to watch, and learn different nuances from in terms of basketball is Maya Moore.

“Maya Moore is my favorite player, I like to watch her play and see what parts of her game I can add to mine.”

The High school Phenom also made it clear that her teammates and her coaches deserve a lot of credit as well.

“I love the chemistry of our team, everyone contributes and helps each other out, even our freshmen. I love the way this team is built.”

Head coach Marlon Wells also spoke highly of Littleton

“On the court she is a very hard worker, she is extremely focused, and determined to be the best. Off the court as a person she is very mature, gracious, thankful, humble, I mean she is just an all-around good person and she is thankful for everything that she has.”

Destiny Littleton is now only 75 points away from becoming the girl’s all-time leading scorer in California. The current record is held by another San Diego great, Chardè Houston. There has been many great basketball players to come out of California, so to be on the brink of standing at the top of that list is something that can’t be taken lightly. It will be interesting to watch this historic accomplishment when it happens. One thing is for sure, though Littleton is excited about the opportunity to break the record, and though she is looking forward to attending USC next fall, she is focused on bringing a championship to Bishop’s High this year.


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