Eddie Baltrip and Fullfilment host Listening Party


By Fidelia Dawn
Contributing Writer

Eddie Baltrip and Fulfillment have been ministering the gospel in song for decades. Their name has become synonymous with well rounded full bodied vocals that are both earth shattering and soul inspiring. Their performances are simply amazing and have been a blessing to San Diego. Their high energy, hand clapping, foot stomping, and no holds barred praise draws in their audience and before long they have joined in. They have never been ashamed of praising God. No matter the venue, denomination, or race, Fulfillment praises the Lord.

Baltrip formed The Voices of Fulfillment in 1982 with just thirteen members. They gathered from several different churches throughout the city with one goal in mind, to worship the Lord. Down through the years they have performed with exemplary artist, such as Eartha Kit and Barry Manilow. They’ve filmed Padres commercial, awarded scholarships, and have become a non-profit organization to assist their efforts in giving back to the community. Fulfillment has also been nominated for a Stellar Award and have recorded two full length albums, Glory to His Name, and Instrument of Praise. Their third album, The Fulfillment Project will be available soon.

On Friday, July 18, 2014 friends, family, and fans were invited to a listening party for The Fulfillment Project. At eight pm guests gathered in anticipation. They mingled and dined as songs of the Fulfillment ministry played in the background. The reception area filled with eager attendants and when the door opened they were treated to an extraordinary show.

Dante McFarland started the show rapping about the power of our testimony and how the lives we live can minister to those we come in contact with. Then, Sheila Mosley took the stage singing I’m Still Here. Her melodic voice reminded all in attendance that it was the grace of God that brought them through. In true fulfillment fashion the people praised God for all He’d done.

The man of the hour, Eddie Baltrip, took the stage and was asked by Pastor Terry Brooks, of Bayview Baptist Church, if you could go back in time what would you tell your younger self. “God has always purposed my life. I didn’t believe it back then. I was looking at other people, trying to be like them. I’m more comfortable being me now than I was back then. I’d also say, don’t chase after the fame,” Was his humbled response.

As the night progressed, Baltrip began calling up to the stage several Fulfillment members who lent a hand in writing songs for the Fulfillment Project. Christopher Terrell and Cedric Baltrip, just to name a few, shared with the audience the inspiration behind the song they’d written and then all were treated to a quick listen to the track. The sound that came through the speakers was nothing short of amazing.
Eddie Baltrip and Fulfillment are a gifted group of singers. The Fulfillment Project is another milestone in a long list of extraordinary accomplishments. Throughout their journey they have stayed true to their spiritual beliefs and con tinue to get behind the microphones and give their listeners more than just entertainment.

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