Evangelist Carolyn Smith


The family and friends of the late Carolyn Corinne Coleman-Smith are invited to celebrate her life on Thursday, June 17, 2021 at Greater Gospel Center Church of God in Christ, 3570 Webster Ave., San Diego, CA. 92113.  at 12 Noon. An arrangement to Zoom the service is also in planning and information on the Meeting Code etc., for Zoom will be forthcoming.

Because of parking constraints, carpooling or Uber or Lyft will make  attendance easier.

In lieu of flowers, tributes, gifts and love tokens in honor of Carolyn, may be made to Fruit of the Spirit Church of God in Christ, 9829 Campo Road, Spring Valley, CA. 91977 or online using the website Tithely.com.

Questions regarding the services or other factors may be directed to Elder Kerri Barr, Asst. Pastor of Fruit of the Spirit at 858-373-7789 or to Evangelist/District Missionary Helen Barr at 619-301-1775.

Our family wishes to extend our thanks to each of you who have supported us during this difficult period of transition with your prayers, your gifts and your many expressions of empathy, concern and compassion.

Please feel free to share this information with others who may request it.

Pastor Richard Smith

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