Gladys W. Johnson was born June 12, 1942 to Benjamin Floyd and Susan Elizabeth Allen Moreland in  Norfolk, Virginia.

With a caring spirit and heart she served as a registered nurse for twenty-four years until becoming ill.  Even through illness she was always strong and cared for others more than herself.   Her favorite colors were purple and lavender which are colors that represent royalty and spirituality. Gladys loved the Lord and attended Mt. Calvary Pentecostal Church under the leadership of Overseer T L Carter Jr.

Gladys W. Johnson was returned to our maker July 2, 2017 the day of the Lord reading his word at her residence in San Diego, CA where she resided since 1988.

She will be forever loved and is leaving behind her brother Robert Moreland, daughters Consuela Santana, Susan Johnson-Sellars, Felecia Johnson, Sharon Pugh; adopted children Tomeko Cobbs-Reed, Carema Cobbs; twelve grandchildren; nine great grandchildren and multiple God children.  She is now reunited with her only son William Thomas Johnson III and now they stand hand in hand with the Lord.

She has beautifully brought everyone together for her homegoing service to celebrate her life on this day, July 15, 2017. She will be forever missed and in our hearts.

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