Greater Life Baptist Church Breaks Ground


By Voice & Viewpoint Staff Writer, Photos by Mike Norris

Saturday, March 31st found over 100 people at the 938 Derby Street location of the Greater Life Baptist Church. The occasion was a Ground Breaking Ceremony for the expansion of the church facility for what is being called the Greater Life Campus. There was a call to worship by the GLBC Music Ministry followed by scripture reading, prayer and the Statement of Purpose, along with the introduction of those persons involved with the project.
The Fourth District City Council representative and current City Council President was present with supportive remarks, as were a number of pastors. Those present recognized the family of the late pastor and founder, Rev. Willie Manley. Two outstanding guest speakers were Pastor Terry Wayne Brooks, Senior Pastor Bayview Baptist Church, and Bishop A.B. Vines, Senior Pastor New Seasons Church.
The ground breaking is for the expansion of the worship structure which should more than double the space. The project is expected to take six months and is in addition to the existing structures on the church grounds.
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