Ground Up Big Man Basketball Camp


By JoAnn Fields
Contributing Writer

San Diego, CA: On Saturday, May 3, 2014 the Ground-Up Big Man Camp drew basketball players from throughout Southern California to Morse High School for their day-long camp. Campers received training and advice from Coach Shaun ICE Manning and 33 years combined experience NBA veterans Alton Lister and Chris Dudley.
“You can learn a lot from Alton. He taught us moves I’ve never seen or heard of. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from a successful 17 year NBA veteran. Alton shared his wisdom and experiences that he learned over the years as a player and as a coach. Everything is about hard work and patience. There are no shortcuts and an expectation to make it far through life. All lessons we should learn and implement,” states Isaiah Jones, forward, Mt. San Jacinto College.

Shaun Manning, Alton Lister, Principal Harry Shelton copy  Will Sison and Tony copy

Donald Barksdale Jr., “I am here to support Coach Shaun and Ground-Up because he mentored me and taught me many life lessons along with a strong basketball skill set over 11 years ago when I was playing for him at Lincoln High School. He taught me to always give back to your community and that it is better to give than to receive. Today I met 11 year old Don Juan and I am trying to instill the same lesson I learned 11 years ago. We have to pay it forward. It’s the Ground-Up way of life!”

Shaun Manning, Founder and President, Ground-Up Youth Foundation states “The Ground-Up Big Man Camp was very successful. The purpose of the camp is to establish a strong foundation of basic skills and footwork. More importantly to realize we are all good people trying to do good things. Often young men with size are targets for society and their mistakes are more visible than others. Today they were able to experience a learning process that will last for a lifetime – don’t let yourself be judged because of your size. Be the best person that you can be. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.

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I am also pleased that everyone enjoyed themselves, obtained a nutritious lunch and gained knowledge of various techniques to improve their game. No violence or disruptions throughout the event that our community is often stereotyped with. Southeastern San Diego has a lot of talent. We need to groom and nurture our young men and not be afraid of what might happen negatively. We can’t afford to lose them to the streets. Ground-Up will do our best to do our part and we look forward to offering more camps in the near future.”

The Ground-Up Big Man Camp was made possible with the support of volunteers and donations from Alton Lister, Morse High School leadership Harry Shelton, Mr. DelaPena, Coach Bob and Coach Talib; Coach Will and Trainer Tony Ussery, Spartan Elite Training; Gene Metcalf, Golden Touch Therapy; James Johnson, Donald Barksdale Jr., Jalen Jordan, Chaundra Young, Jacquiline Lapid, Caleb and Elijah Shaw, LaTreece Tillet, Seven Seas International and Imagine Media Group.

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Along with a stay in school and pay it forward message, athletes were taught progressive teaching of post-entry passes, ball screen drills and individual foot work techniques with an emphasis floor spacing and how to the read and react to the defense.

For more information regarding Ground-Up Hoops you can contact them via email at or follow them on social media outlets Facebook, Instagram or Twitter/GroundUpHoopsCA or call Coach Shaun Manning at (619)892-0364.