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The non-profit, Groundwork San Diego, last week announced the election of two new members to its Board of Directors. Established in 2007, Groundwork focuses on improving the environment, economic and quality-of-life in the Chollas Creek Watershed communities of Encanto, Southeastern San Diego, City Heights and Barrio Logan. The nonprofit strives to bring about the sustained regeneration, improvement and management of the physical environment through the development of community-based partnerships which empower people, businesses and organizations to promote environmental, economic and social well-being. Its board is now comprised of 14 members, with renewable four-year terms.

The new board members are:

Sasha Knox Sasha

Knox is the Job Development Coordinator for San Diego City College. She is an alumnus of California State University-Chico – in journalism and public relations, and obtained her Masters in Organizational Management and Project Management from Ashford University. She is currently studying at San Diego State University to earn her doctorate in Educational Leadership through the Community College Leadership program with an emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. For over a decade, Sasha has worked in community development and career services and programming to impact the education development of global diversity and inclusion. She has piloted education programs in over 6 YMCA’s nationwide to bridge the educational gap, including a college preparatory program for Black and Latino first-generation college students. She has served in various student services and student affairs positions in higher education to support students in their educational journey to reach their highest potential.


Ryan Beal

Ryan Beal graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S. in Management. Driven by his faith, Beal looks to provide strategic vision that decreases both educational and income disparities amongst communities through ownership. Ryan enjoys the artistry of business – strategic planning and problem solving allow him to be both analytical and creative. Whether it’s holding multiple leadership roles or having to make decisions that affect multiple stakeholders, he thrives in high-pressure situations. His capacity to build interpersonal relationships allows him to successfully form and lead diverse teams in order to accomplish a common goal. He was Founder and Chair of the Young Professionals Advisory Council for Climate Action Campaign and currently handles Corporate Accounts for WAXIE Sanitary Supply in San Diego. When he is not busy working, he enjoys spending time with his finance and traveling to new places.

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