Hennin Decoster Foreman November 4, 1939- June 29, 2017

Chief Warrant Officer(CW04)Hennin Decoster Foreman, Sr., departed this earth on Thursday, June 29th, 2017. He was surrounded by his loving family in his last moments.
Hennin was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 4, 1939, to the late John Foreman and Vivian Foreman-Trammell. he was the second youngest of five siblings, John(deceased), Joyce, Orrillious(deceased), and Levon.
He met Iredella Mitchell in Norfolk, Virginia while on shore leave in 1959. They reconnected one year later and after only two weeks of dating, they married on July 15th, 1960 in Sligo, North Carolina. They remained married for nearly 57 years. His wife gave them two cherished children, Karole and Hennin.
He enlisted in the US Navy as a young man and his career advanced quickly. He proudly served for 28 years. Hennin‘s career required him to travel extensively and often his family would travel with him. Their travels took them to Hawaii, Morocco, (where their daughter Karole was born), to California, and throughout the East and West Coasts in the U.S. While he was stationed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, his wife gave birth to his son, also named HenninHennin, Sr. served during the Viet Nam conflict. After his tour, he was awarded numerous honors including a gold star and 2 bronze medals.
Hennin‘s extensive military service enabled him to take advantage of the educational opportunities presented through the VA Bill. He attended USD and earned a degree in Political Science. he was very active on campus and became editor of the Black Student Union newspaper. Hennin earned a degree in Business Management and Counseling. He became a teacher in the community colleges in San Diego. He worked as a teacher and counselor for trouble youth. Hennin taught human resource management, conflict resolution, and cultural sensitivity in the workplace for the county of San Diego and counseled at the Federal Naval prison in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Hennin was a member of the San Diego Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’i faith and devoted practitioner. Above all, he and his wife taught their children to respect others no matter what their race, background, or religious beliefs. As the Baha’i faith taught, he truly believed that we are all one. Thank you,dad, for the gift of your life.
Henni is survived by his devoted wife, Iredella Foreman, their two children Karole Foreman-Zokosky and Hennin Foreman along with their spouses, Peter Zokosky and Sabah Parker, his grandchildren Amani and Ahren, his brother Levon Foreman and his sister Joyce Smith and her husband Josh, along with a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and beloved brothers and sister in the Baha’i faith.

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