#HIREBLACK to Celebrate Juneteenth with Free Career Coaching


500 Black women to be matched with executives on June 17th

Voice & Viewpoint Staff

Last week, #HIREBLACK announced their intention to host more than 500 career coaching video sessions for Black women on Thursday, June 17th in celebration of Juneteenth and the organization’s first anniversary.

The #HIREBLACK Juneteenth MentorMatch is intended for Black women. “Black women face systematic and intersectional obstacles in the workplace,” says Niani Tolbert, Founder and CEO, “with the job market being more competitive than ever, #HIREBLACK wants to provide support to those who often get overlooked.” Niani is motivated to help Black women after being raised by a single mother who struggled to secure employment for years despite decades of experience in corporate customer service. Troubled by George Floyd’s murder, the ensuing social unrest, and racial inequality, Niani published a post on LinkedIn asking for her network to volunteer to help Black women get feedback on their resumes, to help and uplift the community.

Participants will be matched with executive leaders, hiring managers, and recruiters at top companies for resume reviews or career advice. The event will provide 15,000 coaching minutes to Black women in one day.

The black-woman led recruiting events/ marketing organization set a goal of getting 10,000 Black women hired, trained and promoted. In less than a year, their members have credited them for assistance in receiving offers at Fortune 500 companies ranging from Amazon, Apple, Disney, Deloitte, Microsoft, and more.

Juneteenth event participants will lead tailored discussions with their career coaches, seeking advice, guidance, and expertise on but not limited to:

  • Leadership
  • Pivoting
  • Resume review
  • Networking
  • LinkedIn Profile Review
  • Negotiation
  • Business Strategy

To learn more and get your chance at a free career coaching session visit www.hireblacknow.com.

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