The pain of losing a child is unbearable.  But an even greater nightmare is to imagine that your hospital may have played a role in taking your child so that it could be raised by someone else.

There are 18 black women in St. Louis who believe that it’s possible that their children were stolen by the same hospital.  The moms were told that their kids had died, but they now believe that this was not the case.

According to the Associated Press, Zella Jackson Price was just 26 years old in 1965 while giving birth to a girl in Homer G. Phillips Hospital in St. Louis.  She was later told that her daughter died, but no one showed her the death certificate for the baby.

To her surprise, her daughter ended up in foster care, reuniting with her mom 50 years later.   Her daughter, Melanie Gilmore, was always told that her real mother gave her up at birth, which was a complete fabrication.

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