In Our Latest Issue: The San Diego County’s African American Democrats and the CDP


By Dr. John E. Warren

The California Democratic Club has developed a credibility problem with San Diego’s African American Democratic community and the activities of the CDP at last Saturday’s election, and the 79th Assembly District seems to provide a good example. Consider that Delegate candidate Dwayne Crenshaw filed and paid his fees, according to him, in time for his candidacy to be posted on the California Democratic Party website for the Saturday election. It appears that as of Friday evening, the day before the election, his name was removed from the website and from the ballot which was provided on Saturday. This was just the beginning of irregularities. Mr. Crenshaw happens to be African American and he was running on a completely African American slate identified as Dems for the Community. Many of these candidates had been a part of a sweep of 79th Assembly Delegates by African Americans  for last year’s CDP.

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