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Following up on the recent editorial from Dr. Warren describing the problem of unity (without) Operation, the Publisher is on point.  In addition, might I add some plus degrees of understanding.

Our original beginning as a race of people co-existed, I believe, without bitter emotional reactions to circumstances or events that may have occurred. Now-a-days we are so emotional as a people we respond sensitively to situations and what people say reflectively without any cognitive thinking. Then we harbor resentments that leads up to the bitterness and hate, and if it’s within any organization, it will be the spreading of negative energy.

What I have come to experience is that for me to work with a party or organization whose views  and opinions are different from mine, I must first become “humble and aware.”  Humble because humility is a sign of respect to the other party, aware because consciously I must be able to intelligently discuss what may or may not be agreed upon. Does this make sense? Humility encompasses pride and arrogance, as well as ego; the other feeling which clouds the better judgement of decision making.  

Operational Unity can effectively work the minute we all practice humility and meekness amongst one another. When this begins we will 1) not look at and perceive everyone with a difference as our open enemy, 2) not have our thoughts focused on the things we dislike, disagree with or hate about that person or entity that has a common goal and or desire we want to achieve ; and more importantly, 3) be able to discuss clearly our aims and objectives as well as agree to disagree about these differences in order to operate in unity for the common good of the whole.

I am no sage or sanctimonious being, however, I can attest to this truth through the attributes of humility and meekness – as characteristics that work.  We should all try it sometime, you will like it.

Respectfully I am,

Kelvin Singleton

Lancaster, CA, March 19, 2019

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