EDITORIAL: In Support of San Diego Unified School District President Marne Foster


By Dr. John E. Warren

On Tuesday afternoon members of the City of San Diego held a ​p​ress c​onference expressing their support of City School Board President​,​ Ms. Marne Foster. While there might be some issues surrounding some of her actions as a parent, she does not deserve to be tried in the media by the media based upon allegations and emails. Ms. Foster has rendered valuable and dedicated service to the children, schools and parents of the District E Community which she represents​,​ in particular​,​ and to the School District as a whole​,​ serving this term as President of the Board of Education.  The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint joins the community in its support of Ms. Foster and the fulfillment of her term as Board President. We believe that the Superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District is in charge of the day to day operations of the school system, and that any personnel changes that have been made were made by her and not by Ms. Foster. We believe that getting a quality education to our students is the primary job; that Board members should be concerned about students first, and that any issues concerning Ms. Foster should be handled under due process within the administrative procedures of the ​B​oard of ​E​ducation​,​ which allow proper representation for Ms. Foster as well as the school system.

Ms. Foster has proven to be not only an outstanding parent representative in her position as District E representative, but also a concerned mother who might not have made all the best decisions, but attempted to act in the best interest of her own child as she has done for others. Where she might have fallen short is not an issue to be tried in the media by those supporting what appears to be a campaign of obsession. We will continue to support our Board member in our desire for fairness and hope that others will do likewise.