Jimmie Lee Roberts


As part of God’s Master Plan, Jimmie Lee Roberts, aka JIMMIE-BO, was born to Jimmie Lee Jr., Sharron Roberts and Malcom Lewis, on February 8, 1995, in San Diego, California.

Jimmie Lee Roberts received his formal education at Boone Elementary School, El Cajon Middle School, and Point Loma High School. On June 20, 2014, Jimmie graduated from John Muir Charter School and received his High School Diploma.

In 2014, Jimmie moved to Killen, Texas, and started his journey working at Walmart store #407. During his time at Walmart, he was recognized as one of the top performers and always exceeded all expectations. Upon returning to San Diego, he obtained employment at the Urban Corps of San Diego County. His position was a Special Corpsmember/ General Building Contractor, and he was a skilled worker who took on a variety of residential and commercial construction projects which included park construction, renovations, demolition, clean-up, designing, and landscaping. After completing his time in the training program, Jimmie was hired as a Union Carpenter and worked for the local 547. He contributed to redesigning the Sycuan Casino expansion project. Jimmie loved to build and repair things. He was definitely his “Uncle Bucks” handyman.

At a young age Jimmie was involved in many sports such as football and baseball at the Skyline recreational center. Jimmie accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior at an early age. Jimmie Bo was a fun, adventurous, goofy, and generous man that loved hanging out in the southeast with friends while doing donuts in his silver Mercury LS with his 26-inch rims. Jimmie-Bo was extremely handsome and very charming. He was definitely a ladies’ man. He caught the hearts of many women, especially in San Diego. Jimmie was also a family man and loved being a father. He was blessed with his six-year old daughter, Mi’liyiah Catlin Roberts, and his six month-old son, Karter Amir Roberts.

Jimmie Lee Roberts lll life was suddenly and unexpectedly taken on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, at approximately 3:05pm. For we all loved JIMMIE-BO but GOD loves him best. Jimmie leaves behind his loving mother, Sharron Roberts; his fathers Jimmie Lee Roberts Jr and Malcom Lewis; his “Uncle Buck” DW’ane Brown; eight sisters: Bryanna Powell, Tajanae Kennedy, Dayajanae Brown, Gabb Kennedy, Malissa Kennedy, Tiara Lewis, Maya Lewis, and Terrynn Roberts; three brothers: Tyler Thomas, Xavier Lewis and Jefferey Lewis; six uncles: DWane Brown, Robert Kennedy, Edward Brown, Kenny Brown, Maurice Lewis, and Martin Lewis; eight aunts: Debra Clark, Felica Wiley, Donna Carter, Sharcie Brown, Schamell Brown, Monica Kelly, Michelle Lewis, and Brenda Lewis; and a host of other aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.

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