John Todd II Secures Victory for National All Stars


By Darrel Wheeler

Valhalla High School football star John Todd II caught a 30-yard game winning touchdown pass from all-star teammate QB Adam Baker with 14 seconds remaining in the second annual SDFNL all-star game. John was a thorn in the side of the opposing defensive backs all day.

The SD National all-stars defeated the SD American all-stars 33-27.
“Time was running out on us so I knew I had to make a big play. I can’t say I was the main target but I got open and made the play,” said MVP John Todd II.
Some of the best prep football talent in San Diego assembled for one last opportunity to showcase their talents in front of family, friends and college scouts.

A large audience of spectators watched the senior Prepsters do their thing last Saturday at Helix High School under collegiate rules.

The SDFNL all-star football game was created so that senior student athletes in and around San Diego would have a chance to showcase their talents in a game setting.

“This game is an excellent opportunity for the kids to showcase their skills. We’re here to help them secure scholarships. Some of them don’t have solid scholarship offers, and hopefully after today that will change,” said offensive coordinator (national) Akili Smith.

San Marcos WR-RB Isiah Hennie received well deserved MVP honors for the American team all-stars due to his positive yards and TD scores.

“I’ve gotten some D-II, offers but I’ve also talked to D-I schools Colorado St and Hawaii, so I’m waiting to see how that goes. The game was a lot of fun, there was no trash talking or cheap shots and it was a very fun atmosphere. Hopefully I did enough to impress some more people,” Isiah Hennie said.

The American team was coached by Lamont Butler of Horizon and former San Diego High School head coach Keir Kimbrough.

Keir Kimbrough told the players, “Each and everyone one of you are all-stars. You guys really showed how you’re supposed to come out here and play the game. This was the most fun I have ever had coaching, thanks for letting me be a part of your football experience.”

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