L.I.F.E. Community Center Presents: Embrace Your Beauty Expo


On Saturday October 15th, the L.I.F.E. Community Center, located at 6244 El Cajon Blvd, in San Diego hosted the Embrace Your Beauty Expo, which featured a Hair and Nails Fashion Show Dinner. Adrian Chamberlain, co-founder of the facility along with her partner, Maria Jones, share a vision of giving back to the community. The expo was reflective of this.
Chamberlain, who’s been in the beauty industry for around 40 years, wanted to come up with something that would reach people. “Beauty is something everyone loves,” she said, so with this thought, the expo was created. Approximately 13 vendors were able to showcase their goods and services at the expo, allowing individuals to learn about products and services available to them through the entrepreneurs present. “I wanted to put businesses out there that are in the beauty industry and health, so people would patronize them,” Chamberlain said. Purses to skincare products were on display and for sale. “Everyone from vendors to attendees loved it,” she said. But the event didn’t stop there. After the expo, attendees were able to witness a fashion show featuring one of San Diego’s premier designers who specializes in plus sized clothing. “Kristi Hines Baker of K-Love Apparel displayed some beautiful clothing for plus sized women,” Chamberlain said, which was extremely important to her. She noted that at times women can find themselves feeling uncomfortable in their skin. Through the show, she wanted to remind women that they are beautiful. “I want women to embrace themselves and their beauty.”
This won’t be the L.I.F.E. Community Center’s last expo. For more details about upcoming events, be sure to contact them at (619) 249-3540.




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