By Jeaneva Rose

Depression is not just sadness, it’s not just hopelessness, it’s a state of mind that consumes your entire being. It ruminates in your soul and causes you to believe your extraordinary life isn’t worth living. But I’m here to tell YOU, it is. Your beautiful, miraculous life is worth living, feeling and experiencing, don’t let depression take that away from you. Your past wounds don’t have to define your present. You can heal what’s buried in your heart and make room for the divine to work its magic in your life. The power to change is within you but first you must believe that you are capable. The remedy for your pain is your power to overcome it. Let the Universe’s magnetic vibration pull you forward to a new enchanting reality, the reality where you rule and depression lost its battle to consume and destroy you. Take back your power, I love and believe in you. . . ~ Jeaneva Rose, your lady in the Universe.

Natural remedies for depression: Herbal tea, Essential oils, Vitamin C intake, Bright colors, Crystals, Cutting out caffeine, Relaxing, Exercise, Spending time with Mother Earth, Unplugging from the noise, Reading, Meditation, Crystals, Laughter, Expressing emotions

Mindful Book Choices: Milk and Honey~ Rupi Kaur, Prozac Nation~ Elizabeth Wurtzel, My Heart and Other Black Holes~ Jasmine Warga, A Mind of Your Own~ Kelly Brogan and Kristin Loberg, The Upward Spiral~ Alex Korb, Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy~ David D. Burns, The Noonday Demon~ Andrew Solomon, The Bell Jar~ Sylvia Plath

Depression self-help checklist

1.      Accept yourself as you are

2.      Identify your emotional needs

3.      Forgive yourself and others

4.      Practice self-compassion (It’s ok to make mistakes)

5.      Be expressive and assertive with your emotions

6.      Meditate (Learn to observe your thoughts, not be consumed by them)

7.      Do something you love to do

8.      Have the courage to change

9.      Challenge negative beliefs

10.  Love you. You are beautiful inside and out

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