by Kimberly Wilson ~ The Grio

If you’ve never seen the movie Coming To America, don’t know how to play spades or where to store the bag filled with plastic bags in the kitchen, then it may be time for you to get your ‘black card’ revoked.

In the past, you could only take this premise so far. But now, there’s a game for that.

Black Card Revoked, which plays off of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ questions, is testing our blackness in the best and most hilarious way possible.

Latesha Williams is the co-founder of Cards For All People, the parent company of the hit card game. The concept is the brainchild of Williams and a group of her friends. The Brooklyn, New York-based group came up with the idea to bring a bit of diversity to game nights hosted by black professionals.

Get to know more about Black Card Revoked through Latesha Williams.

What year were you founded?

Cards For All People was founded in July 2015, and we released Black Card Revoked in August 2015.

What inspired you to launch your business?

The connected experiences we saw on Twitter and in our daily lives during the Rachel Dolezal fiasco were hilariously inspiring. We realized the shared experiences of African-Americans exists within all cultures and wanted to tap into it. We also wanted to use those experiences to laugh, love and teach as well.

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