Lincoln’s Hornets Start Modified Season With Back to Back Shutouts


Photos by Darrel Wheeler

By Darrel Wheeler

After two consecutive CIF Championship appearances Lincoln’s football Hornets are pursuing a refashioned version of a title.

“There are no playoff games or a Championship game this season. It’s just six games and that’s it. We can only win a conference title, so that’s what we are after,” Head Coach David Dunn shared.

The talent heavy Hornets sent Point Loma into a 64-0 submission in their first game and defeated a stubborn Serra High team of scrappy-ballers 36-0 last Saturday. The game was played at Serra. However, judging by the crowd in the stands, it looked like a Lincoln homecoming in comparison to Serra’s lightly attended crowd of spectators.

The speedy Hornets seemed a little uninspired in the first half of the action. “We started off slow but we knew we had to pick it up in the second half and make some adjustments. But, I think we did alright overall. I know we can do better,” said wide receiver/ defensive back Herman Smith Jr. “We still got some things to work on starting Monday, at practice.”

Coach Dunn and his staff weren’t very happy about the Hornets’ performance and their recent practice habits and let them know they will have to step up their focus against their next three opponents.

‘’It was a Saturday day game and our team didn’t take Serra seriously in the first half. They were a little big headed because of their win over Pt. Loma,” Coach Dunn said. “After they realized Serra was no joke they finally did what they were supposed to do. Serra is a well coached team and I like what they are doing over there. They don’t have the numbers but they play with a lot of heart. Next week against Madison I won’t have to say much to inspire our team. They should be self motivated because it’s Madison,” Dunn said.

It’s an impressive roster: Nathaniel Gomez, Samuel Cooper, Ja’Shon Williams, Zamajay Duncan, Jalil Tucker, Herman Smith Jr, Dazure Paggett, Raylon Logan, Kendell Williams, Wesley Neely, Raymond Spriggs, Isaiah World and Casanova Colman are some of the players that put the sting in Hornet Football.

After the Madison contest Powerhouse Cathedral Catholic and Saint Augustine High schools await the Hard-Hitting Hornets.

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