Local Author, F.Y. Dawn, Reveals What the Heart Wants


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San Diego is filled with a tremendous amount of talent. From singers to songwriters, to actors there is a venue to shine a spotlight on their ability. An remarkable group of gifted artists that often goes unnoticed are authors. They are out there; often off to themselves in some coffee house, library, or the solitude of their home. They spend days, months, and sometimes years plucking away on their computers. The end result is extraordinary. 90,000 words or more are spun into a dramatic, suspenseful, hilarious, romantic tale that entertains and motivate its readers. San Diego has been blessed with the cream of the crop.
F. Y. Dawn, author of Serenity of Passion and What Love Feels Like, released her third book and invited everyone out to celebrate its completion. Dawn’s writing has been compared to the likes of Terry McMillan and Alice Walker. She is described by the African American Literature Book Club (AALBC) as showing prowess in creatively expressing each characters point of view and boldly handling sexual identity, relationships, religion, and professional issues. Dawn Skillfully lays out her plot with twist and turns that leave readers reeling in the end. Her realistic character development incites such strong emotion that the readers will love, hate, cry, and laugh as they feel the pain and joy of the book. All these attributes ring true with F. Y. Dawn’s new release, What the Heart Wants.

What the Heart Wants deals with the struggle to trust love. Like the characters, many have been burned by love and are a bit hesitant to travel that road again. Through this fiction tale of finding love and surrendering to it Dawn encourages her readers to love again. The heroine of the story allowed a horrifying experience to change the person she was and subsequently her instability caused catastrophic damage in the lives of her loved ones. She is determined to make amends even if it kills her. On her journey to win back her brother’s affections she encounters a man whose presence alone makes her forget all the heartache of her past. Everything would be perfect if she could just get him to surrender to love.

Thought provoking, page turning plots are what had people flocking to the spacebar café Saturday, July 19, for Dawn’s release party. The venue was filled to capacity with expectant readers anxiously waiting to purchase their copy of What the Heart wants. To thank them for their faithfulness and support Dawn treated them to a show. Poet Alexandria Horton, rapper TRU, and pop artist Tre’ Nation took to the stage entertaining the audience with their gifts. Tre’ Nation shocked everyone singing an original song, What the Heart Wants, written specifically for F. Y. Dawn and her new book. Nation’s vocal ability was astonishing. His range and ability to hit the higher notes with such perfection was mind blowing. The attendees certainly received more than what they’d hoped for.

When all was said and done, the line that stretched the length of the building of eager readers waiting to meet F. Y. Dawn and have their books signed was a testament to the amazing writer she is. She greeted each reader with excitement and stayed until the very last one was gone. F. Y. Dawn is San Diego’s hidden treasure that will certainly make it to the national spotlight. For more information about this author, visit www.fydawn.com or @FYDawn on all social media platforms.


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