Local Web Designer Turned Author Reveals the Latest Rules for Online Business in New Book


Online business expert Allen Foreman announced today that he has released his new book on Amazon.com, covering the new rules for small business e-commerce.

Monetizing the Net: The 10 Key Elements to Make Money Online with Your Business focuses on assembling the vital pieces to creating a web presence, marketing and selling online. In the book, Foreman covers lessons that he has learned over the course of 13 years building sales websites for dozens of small business.

“Right now, availability of information is not the main problem,” said Foreman. “Information overload is a bigger problem. People feel overwhelmed and they don’t know what to do next. They want to know what’s most important and how to put things in the right order. I set out to write a guide book to give small business owners the key elements of doing business online in a way that is prioritized properly.”

As a web developer, Foreman has been asked hundreds of client questions since he first started in 2002. In this new book, he distills the answers in a 10 part blueprint designed to insure online success for people at every stage of a small business and every level of sophistication, from absolute beginners to experienced entrepreneurs. Foreman deconstructs complex processes using real world examples to deliver a clear, actionable formula to enable readers better create, market and sell online.

“There has never been a better time to benefit from selling online,” said Foreman. “Now that this book is on Amazon, I am able to help many more people get to the next level than I ever could by working one on one.”


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