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Travis Stocking, founder of Over Coming Gangs and Beyond and owner of Gladiator Boxing Gym had a dream to organize community villages nationwide in stopping the genocide and building up underprivileged communities through economic and social means. Travis linked up with linked up with activist Tau Baraka, founder of 100 STRONG and RTC (Reclaiming the Community) to make this dream a reality.

They put together a team of ten young adults to travel with them across the country in a fifteen passenger sprinter van, as ambassadors for the STOP THE GENOCIDE MOVEMENT; making their way to Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Houston. In those cities, they convened with other organizers in setting up this village concept in their cities.

In Chicago, the STOP THE GENOCIDE MOVEMENT connected with men and women from the organization (STV) STOP THE VIOLENCE which helps to feed a community on the Westside of Chicago that has experienced over 3,000 shootings this year. In Washington DC, the group was welcomed by Raufu Bey and Kwata Williams PHD with trips around the city and a visit to Howard University.

STOP THE GENOCIDE MOVEMENT made their final stops to Atlanta and Houston, Tx. where they connected with organizers and visited Dr. Martin Luther King’s Historic Park in Atlanta, ending at Prairie View A & M University, outside of Houston.

“Every city had the same problems on different scales,” shared Travis and Tau, believing all of these problems stem from systemic racism and extreme neglect. “Economic castration, failed resources, poor health conditions, subpar school systems, and law makers making bad decision for the underprivileged has contributed to the conditions of poverty and crime in each of those cities visited, and possibly every other city that they will soon to visit,” Tau said, he added “We believes that if you sit back and watch the death and destruction of our communities without doing anything, you’re part of the problem.”   You will see them around the city signing people up for their movement and newsletter. If you would like to be a part of this movement visit them on Facebook at STOP the Genocide Movement or donate to this cause at